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Ibkan provides tailored Investment Banking services, specializing in private equity placements, mergers and acquisitions to corporations, individuals, governments and institutional investors in Mexico and abroad. We offer the highest quality financing advice and execution expertise.

Each project and transaction receives full attention from our partners from its preliminary analysis to its closing. This way we guarantee our clients the highest probability of success.

Ibkan is not part of a complex corporate structure with potential conflict of interests, so we can act freely in advising our clients for the best possible solution.

Ibkan operates at the intersection of strategy and finance, providing clients with financial alternatives that fit their long term objectives. We believe in establishing long term and trustable relationships with our clients.

Equity in Startups Is Losing Appeal Two years ago, when startups were flush with money, hardware and software design companies were eager to work with them and get paid in cash and equity. These days, however, smaller design firms increasingly want just cash.
Burden of Health-Care Costs Moves to the Middle Class Rising out-of-pocket health care costs, combined with slow economic growth and years of tepid wage growth, pose risks for an economy in which consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of overall output.

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